Modesty the Beauty of a Muslim

Modesty the Beauty of a Muslim

Ethics are the key grabbers for foundation of any society. They are the protectors of values and norms. When a society losses its morals and norms it starts collapse. Every society has specific values according to their religious or moral beliefs. Muslim society contains the Islamic values and norms based on Quran and Sunnah. Allah does not make a human free to make him distinguish from animals.…

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Steps to Get Closer to Allah

Steps to Get Closer to Allah

It seems as though we’ve become comfortable with merely doing the bare minimum in terms of our religious obligations. To the point that simply praying five times a day is deemed a triumph! We have forgotten that day in day out we have to improve ourselves and get more closer to Allah.

Indeed it’s something to be proud of, but we must raise the bar. It’s difficult to remain motivated, I know, when…

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Lying and Importance of Investigation in Islam

Lying and Importance of Investigation in Islam

Lying in Islam is a major sin, it’s considered one of the most evil characteristics of a person, and there are severe punishments prescribed by Allah and His Prophet (s) for those who lie,  depending on the grievousness of the lies uttered.

We live in such an era, in which it is hard to distinguish between the truth and lie, between real and fake. Every matter of society just became fake and it…

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