Happiness Through Helping Others

Happiness Through Helping Others

Define happiness. It seems like an easy feeling to feel but we become lost on our journey to find it. Is it because we don’t know what happiness is? Or is it because we define happiness in someone else’s words? Don’t ask yourself ‘what do I need to do to find happiness?’ ask yourself, ‘what do I need to do to make Allah happy?’ Happiness for some of us may be a new car, a promotion at work or a…

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How to Fight Islamophobia on Twitter

How to Fight Islamophobia on Twitter

Did youever receive a tweet, or a reply to your tweet, that degraded Islam? If you have, you are not alone. Hundreds of Muslims on Twitter receive such tweets on a daily basis. From our beloved Creator, Allah, being ridiculed to our sublime Prophet, Muhammad (PBUH), being mocked; you will find that Islamophobia does not only exist in the real world but in the twittersphere as well. If you tweet…

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How a Simple Tweet Can Destroy Your Paradise

How a Simple Tweet Can Destroy Your Paradise

I come across a lot of people these days that speak out against the internet, the evolution of social networking and technology on the whole. They are quite vocal in their stance that technology and everything surrounding it has no part in Islam. They even go to the extent of labeling it a ‘Fitna’. I really don’t agree with such opinions for I firmly believe that technology and social networking,…

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Hijab - My Way My life

Hijab – My Way My life

I knowthat a lot of Muslim sisters have a desire to adopt the Hijab but due to outside interference, they never end up wearing it. In most cases, the people discouraging the sisters don’t mean bad, they just don’t understand. The intention to wear Hijab doesn’t make sense to them. They will often give reason as to why a girl should not wear Hijab and at times their reasons would seem like it’s…

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